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The Females

Meet the Gorgeous Girls

At O’Haire Fox Red Labrador Retrievers, we truly believe our breeding program is second-to-none. Our selection of females gives us top notch pedigrees and dispositions. Their calm temperament an hunting ability give our puppies the style we desire!


CMGD Lil Maggie Darlin

Sweet as can be, a boys best friend, hunting FANATIC!

"Maggie" Has some phenomenal bloodlines. Her sire coming straight from the Foxhaven breeding program, there are hunting titles for days on his side. Her Damn is an English lab who is as lovable as all get out. I believe this is where Maggie gets her sweetness and her drive. She's the perfect combination of English and American labs, and her daughters are proving to be the same, temperament wise and hunting wise. You can snuggle this mamma on the couch and in the same minute be outside chasing birds, she will do it all!
Maggie's genetic testing is PERFECT! Excellent OFA Hips and Elbows. Also, negative for 256 genetic predispositions! What a perfect girl!!!

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O'Haire's Ruby Red

Temperament, Beauty, Drive

Ruby, was out of our first litter of Maggie X Hank and boy oh boy she did not disappoint us! She has always been SUPER smart and QUICK to pick up on all things we've taught her. She's hunted both upland and water fowl now and loves every minute of it. Her favorite past time is playing with the kids and her dog friends, but she also LOVES to snuggle on the couch when she gets the chance. Not a mean bone on her body but a drive that will last all day in the field. 60 pounds of STOUT, sweet girl. Another perfect half English, half American lab girl!
Genetic testing is perfect! She's negative for 256 genetic predispositions! OFA Hips and elbows are pending.

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O'Haire's Ruby Red

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